We bring
a very unique mix of skills to the table.

Established in 1989, JesseJames Creative is a full-service, multi-disciplinary marketing communications firm based in New York City. Since 1997, the majority of our business has been in helping our clients leverage the interactive space to do more business, communicate more transparently with constituents and streamline their internal and external business processes. In the past few years, we have been almost exclusively focused on the government, municipality and association space and have developed a unique approach and a significant software platform targeted specifically to the needs of this audience.

After many successful years in business, we offer our clients a unique mix of traditional marketing smarts, highly original branding and design skills, content strategy and creation and stress-tested high-end technical abilities. Having this mix of skills and experience all under one roof, results in a highly cohesive end product.

From pure marketing websites to data-driven and highly dynamic Intranets, to portals to business-process-driven web applications, if it can be done in a browser, chances are we’ve built it and it's already baked into OrgCentral.

  • We’re small enough to be nimble but experienced enough to think BIG.
  • We have intentionally maintained a flat organizational structure so that we don’t bog down our clients (or ourselves) in meaningless rhetoric and extra paperwork.
  • We are creative thinkers in every area: Marketing and branding, promotion, interface design as well as project management and technology.
  • We live and breathe customer experience.
  • We build relationships with our clients and their customers.
  • Implement processes geared toward achieving goals—not toward creating more processes.
  • Deliver a real ROI on our clients’ investments.
  • Make principles and senior team constituents available throughout the project.
  • See the bigger picture, strategy-wise, without losing sight of the details.
  • Strategize and build with an eye toward scalability—create solutions that can grow with our clients’ businesses.
  • Encourage creativity and cross-pollination of ideas between marketing, design and technical teams.
  • Be flexible and responsive.
  • Be agnostic toward media and technology: Employ the best tools for the job based on merit.
  • Bill fairly: We expect to be fairly compensated for our work, in a timely fashion. In turn, we sweat blood for our clients.

Collectively, the OrgCentral team has the experience to not only design and build the tools you want, but guide the many strategic decisions that go into making sure the solutions we provide from the marketing, content and technology perspectives, truly serve your long-term needs.

Truly multi-disciplinary, our team includes experts in branding, communications, information architecture, user experience, project management and of course, technology. We bring (in our humble opinion), a unique blend of strategic smarts, award-winning design and content skills and high-end technical ability to the table.

What’s more, while we have deep government experience, we are not the jaded old government design firm who is phoning things in and sleepwalking through projects at this point. Nor are we the ones delivering, as one of our recently converted clients put it: “Solutions that are a mile wide and an inch deep.”

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