OrgCentral is the one-stop solution designed to help cities and government agencies get smart fast and do more with less.

Meet the Smart City software created because there's already too much software
in the world.

  • Knowledge bases
  • Maps
  • Microsites
  • Nostradamus-level BI
  • Payments
  • Photos + Videos
  • Program + event registration
  • Real estate guides
  • Reporting
  • Social media integration
  • A bunch of ‘make your life easier’ stuff you
    haven’t thought of yet.
  • Calendars
  • Next-gen content management
  • CRM
  • Business directories
  • Document management
  • Email
  • Emergency alerts
  • Facility rentals
  • FAQs
  • Forms
  • Intranet
Like you, OrgCentral wears many hats. It starts with a CMS that will blow your mind and then layers in 20+ enterprise-class modules designed to handle the business end of your city from one place. Here are some highlights...

They promised us flying cars. We promise to make your city smarter now.

Self-driving cars, intelligent curbs, 6G, subterranian delivery robots, ice-melting bike lanes and zero emission timber buildings. The promise of smart cities is brilliant. And much of it's pretty far off. In the meantime, we've got tools that can make your city smarter and more efficient right now.

Those dots are not going to connect themselves.

Cities today are complex ecosystems and OrgCentral goes a long way towards taming the beast. Everyone of our modules is elegantly integrated with every other one and we make sure you never have to enter anything twice.

100% Future Proof.
Infinitely Useable.

There's nothing worse than living with bad software. (Except maybe the RFP process to replace it.) With OrgCentral, you get a modern, infintely extensible system that will grow with you--not hold you back.

We treat you like a partner
not an afterthought.

As experienced as we are with local government, we know there's always more to learn so we're always listening. Every one of our features was inspired by real-life professionals in real-life cities...just like you. So enlighten us.

Don't see what you want?
Just Ask.

Got a process that’s taking too much time, too many people or too much paper? Bring it on! Chances are OrgCentral's already got a module that can help. But be warned, this efficiency stuff can be addicting.


If it sometimes feels like you need a lost and found box for your own data, you came to the right place. OrgCentral's powerful Atomic Design structure allows you to easily create multiple pathways to everything on your site. Behind the scenes, robust reporting connects every dot in real time.

With 20 built-in enterprise-class modules, OrgCentral puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to managing data, facilities, content, people and more. Our unique one-and-done pricing model, means you'll never be nickle and dimed or saddled with vaporous and hard-to-justify licensing contracts.

Let's face it--there are a lot of moving parts in local governent. Information disconnects can kill any organization's efficiency and credibility. OrgCentral's unique, Atomic Content model seamlessly connects departments, people, events, revenue, tasks and communications.

The OrgCentral platform is not beholden to a set release schedule or a dumb-size-fits-all roadmap. We realize no two organizations are the same and have baked in a ton of flexibility and extensibility into our system architecture to accommodate almost anything you can dream up.

Since our platform centralizes many vital 'back of house' functions (20 of them at last count), your data is, by default, in one place and ready to be queried, mined and otherwise put to good use. No APIs or drama needed.

With OrgCentral, you get form and function in one place. That means a modern, intuitive, mobile-ready website powered by a suite of tools designed to make managing not only your website, but many of your key back-of-house operations and processes exponentially easier. OrgCentral is virtually future proof and will eliminate costly licenses for other software that everyone probably hates anyway.

Every time we think we've seen everything in local government, we see something new. That's what makes this work so much fun. Tell us your best local government success story.

We feel you

After years of workarounds and death-by-a-thousand-cuts sacrifices, we finally have a platform that works (and thinks) like we do."

-Trey Sanders | The City of Covington, GA
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